A magical journey of learning Hindi via class room instruction, songs and dance. Currently going on in multiple locations in Hong Kong and Singapore, Discovery Bay and Kowloon. Sanskriti caters to a multitude of nationalities including Australian, American, British, Chinese, Canadian and Indian.

Innovative teaching methodologies are employed and the program involves plenty of games, activities and shows to make it an unforgettable experience.

On reaching the required proficiency, students are nominated to take Government of India Hindi examinations.

We also provide support to students who want to take Hindi as a second language at IB Level.

Learning is enriched via immersion camps like, Republic Day Camp, Easter Camp, Summer Camp, Diwali Camp, Christmas Camp.

Age group: 5 year – 15 year

Focus:  Develop speaking skills, writing skills and reading skills and comprehension by storytelling and communicating in Hindi.

Duration: On going till the benchmark is achieved (reaching grade 8 of Hindi as a second language)