Parent Feedback

A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart. Mrs. Geetanjali Dhar fits in perfect to this description.

We are extremely grateful to Mrs. Dhar for creating such a distinct forum teaching Indian culture and language in Hong Kong.

Sheetal and Amit Rajpal

Parents of Malhar Rajpal

My daughter began the Muskaan programme when she was two and half years old. Thanks to Mrs. Dhar, my daughter and her peers are not only communicating in Hindi, but have all developed a passion for the language.

I would highly recommend this programme to all children who are keen to learn Hindi.

Anjali Wadhwani Grover

Anisha’s mother

Sanskriti has been such an important part of Dhyana’s learning, of not just her mother tongue, but also her sense of Indian culture. Mrs Dhar has a wonderful way of making each lesson fun and interactive. Her energy is unwavering!

Ishana started her journey with Sanskriti when she was 9 months old and we are truly amazed how much she has learnt in just a few months.
The most remarkable things about the Sanskriti programs are the annual Idol and Utsav shows. These platforms provide an amazing opportunity for the children to showcase their learning and talent through presentations, drama and dance. We are so glad to have been part of Sanskriti the last 4 years and we look forward to many more!

Divya and Karan Dhupar

Sanskriti has taught my kids so much more than just the language of Hindi. Through their cultural events, my kids have gained so much confidence whether it is in speaking for a competition or dancing and performing on stage. Being expat parents, no matter where we live or where hey were born or which passport they hold, my children needed to realize that they are in fact Indian. It isthat very realization and feeling that Sanskriti has helped bring.

Shikha and Vikram Lamba

The brilliance in Sanskriti’s approach is that the kids are too busy having fun to realise how much they are learning. The language teaching materials are based on themes with which the children are already familiar such as popular nursery rhymes, festivals including Diwali, Chinese New Year and Halloween. The key to successfully teaching Hindi language to two kids in Hong Kong who are, after all, growing up in an environment in which English and Chinese predominate. Our son Vineet has loved the classes and really looks forward to them. We are so delighted that we have also enrolled his younger sister Yashna and can’t wait for her to start!

Vishal and Prachi Melwani

The combination of singing, games, story telling and arts and crafts in a single class mean that, that the children are learning a language and culture which is very important to us in a very practical context. Mrs Dhar and her team are truly professional and very thoughtful about the learning journey.

Harshika Patel and Jason Tudor

For the past year I have taken two hours of private lessons weekly with Geetanjali Dhar, Head of Sanskriti, and it has been wonderful. The dedicated one-on-one, and the focus on speaking, listening, reading, and writing has given me a sound feeling for the language. Many thanks Geetanjali!

Dr. Brook Bolander

Assistant Professor, The University of Hong Kong

Our boys have really enjoyed Sanskriti over the years. They teach the children Hindi in a fun, interactive way, bringing to life the language, culture and history. It’s been a key source of learning, about our traditions for the boys. They participated actively in the classes, performances and festivals, particularly looking forward to the annual Sanskriti event! The Sanskrit team enriched our children’s life and they have learnt to enjoy being Indian in an international environment.

Batul and Surendra Rosha

Sanskriti is highly interactive. The fact that the curriculum taught in Sanskriti focusses on communication was a big appeal. Geetanjali’s enthusiasm, dedication and affection is a potent motivator for children. As children grow and lean a language/ subject there is a tendency to lose focus but the certification examination and the diploma help in maintaining that focus. Sanskriti allows you to melt into the culture, thereby making you a participant instead of an onlooker. It is almost like their teachers take over the responsibility of not only the children’s Hindi but also for maintaining their connection with India.

Urvashi Sethi and Atul Sodhi

Namaste. My name is Aude. I was born in France. I have been in Hong Kong for the last two years and am a Financial and Compliance Consultant. When I decided to learn Hindi, I found Sanskriti details in the Chinese University of Hong Kong website. I enrolled instantly as I wanted to improve my personal and professional skills.

My Hindi learning experience has been excellent and I have learnt Hindi language as well as the culture. Like India, Hindi is also very varied and colourful which makes it a joyful experience to learn. I want to popularize this language and I hope that I can find another program similar to Sanskriti, when I return to New York, so that I can continue my journey. I am very thankful to Mrs Geetanjali Dhar who make my Hindi and Indian culture learning so interesting and supported me.


Aude Augias

Teachers make sure our children were part of a group even while individually challenging them at their level. Now, when they are older, they still continue to enjoy the lessons while getting to know not only the Hindi language but their culture through the many different exposures that Sanskriti provides.

Sulata and Shyam Maheshwari

नमस्ते! मेरा नाम अर्नेस्ट है। मैंने पार्ट टाईम हिंदी कोर्स (Basic Hindi Level 1) में पिछले साल नामांकन किया। वह अप्रैल २०२० में शुरू होना था । कोरोना की वजह से अगस्त तक टाला गया मैं पहले सबक़ के लिए बहुत ख़ुशी से गया। अध्यापक गीतांजलि धर जी थीं। वाह! वह अनुकूलऔर मज़ेदार थीं। उसने एक विद्यार्थी को कहा कि हमें अपने परिचय दो। एक विद्यार्थी थी जो मोटा बिल्कुल नहीं था। उसका नाम जॉन था। जॉन ने हम को बताया कि वह मोटा था। श्रीमती धर ने उससे कहा: “क्या? मोटा? आप को हमसे प्रशंसा चाहिए?” सब लोग हँसे। एक माँ अपने बच्चे के हाथ पकड़कर चलना सिखाती जैसे धर जी हैं। उनके विद्यार्थी उनके बच्चे जैसे हैं। जैसे बच्चे कभी चलना भूलते नहीं हैं, हम भी भूलेंगे कभी नहीं जो कुछ धर जी ने हमको सिखाया।

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