To globalize Hindi language among the expatriate generation by being a premier educational body spearheading the use of Indian languages and culture.

Providing an interactive and encouraging environment via latest teaching pedagogy aligned with students’ linguistic, cultural and holistic growth.

To equip the leaders of tomorrow with linguistic abilities in Indian languages and to become ‘Hindi Ambassadors’ in a culturally diverse, global economy.


 Implement Sanskriti pathway for various age groups and help students reach the required proficiency in communicating in a social, professional or business environment.

To enhance the learning by using in-house researched and developed learning aids customized to students’ learning Indian languages in a global arena.

To partner with government institutions and credible educational bodies in order to replicate the program in Asia and globally.

Key Features:

  • Make students aware of their cultural and linguistic heritage.
  • Connects them via language, drama, songs and folk dances.
  • Standardized curriculum makes sure that a child attending in any location is following the same lesson everywhere.
  • Enrolled students can attend classes in Singapore / Hong Kong if they are travelling to either location.
  • Upon reaching a certain proficiency, Sanskriti students are regularly nominated to take Hindi examinations under Ministry of HRD Government of India.

Sanskriti Learning Resources:

All learning resources have been researched and developed in house and are fully customized for a child learning Hindi outside India

  • Meticulously researching books to aid reading, writing and comprehension.
  • Balgeet Song Books & CDs have been created to encourage the learning process.
  • Sanschitra flash cards, developed indigenously, to develop Hindi vocabulary.
  • Annual bilingual thematic calendar encouraging children to contribute their impressions of India.
  • The aforementioned are exclusive to Sanskriti and no alternates or substitutes are available commercially.

Our Centres

Sanskriti Hong Kong

Sanskriti is a premier program in Hong Kong, spearheading the use of Hindi and Indian culture amongst the younger generation of Indian diaspora. Since 2006, Sanskriti has connected over 2,000 students to their linguistic and cultural roots.

Sanskriti Singapore

Following its tremendous success in Hong Kong, Sanskriti launched its Hindi programs in Singapore in January 2017 to an overwhelming response. Three batches are already going on with our students developing communication skills in Hindi.

For more information, please email info@sanskritiglobal.org