About Geetanjali Dhar

Geetanjali Dhar founded Sanskriti, with the aim of connecting the younger generation of Indian diaspora to their linguistic and cultural roots. Over time, Sanskriti has scaled up to teaching children, as well as adults of multi-cultural ethnicities across Hong Kong and Singapore. Her emphasis on each child’s holistic development, indigenously developed learning resources and customized curriculum for all ages, has successfully connected students of all nationalities to the Indian culture. Geetanjali’s significant entrepreneurial accomplishments include co-branding with world ranked universities, reputed schools and her future plans include launching an online language learning portal. From conducting corporate training programs to teaching children in various international schools, teaching curriculum was developed by Geetanjali specifically from scratch with the Government of India language exams as the end goal. Geetanjali is HKCAAVQ accredited educationist for Hong Kong and has done post-graduation in Business Management, and a B. A from India.

As Vice Chairwoman of Women Entrepreneurs Network Hong Kong (WENHK), Geetanjali enthusiastically advocates encouraging and empowering fellow women entrepreneurs to scale up their businesses.

As cofounder she oversees the academics at IBET – a Section 88 charity, known for it’s stellar work in equipping underprivileged students, to deal with the academic challenges in local education system.

Geetanjali’s s work in the education of underprivileged NCS has tremendous impact in terms of reduced school dropout rate by 80%. The students, equipped with improved Chinese language skills can find employment in Hong Kong in future and become upwardly mobile.


  • ‘Pioneering Women Leader’ World Women Leadership Congress Awards (2019).
  • ‘Hong Kong’s Women Leader’ Award (2018)